Welcome to the History of the “i” Blog

About Me:

This is my first time using WordPress; the last time I made a website, it was through Microsoft Frontpage…This is a huge upgrade from that and I’m looking forward to developing awesome blog posts!

Born in New York and raised in South Florida, I’ve developed a great interest in Film and attended a film charter high school, prior to moving on to Emory University.

I’m enrolled in Dr. Allison’s Film 208 course and am excited to learn about and discuss various topics related to film and their effects on many different aspects of our lives, such as our culture, education, and even politics today. This is the last course of my Emory career, and hope to celebrate it with a great layout and graphics on this site.

I’m most looking forward to analyzing and commenting on others’ blogs enrolled in the course with me, and potentially building off each other’s ideas, and asking and answering questions.

This blog will focus primarily on the history of the iMac and how it led to the development of the iPhone, and ultimately how it has influenced and changed our day-to-day lives today. I hope you enjoy my posts!

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